Temples, Preschool & Soccer Season

Whoosh, I'm still having a hard time getting used to the busy-ness of back-to-school. I'm a person who is a home-body at heart and I find the days I don't have much going on are becoming cherished little beauties of sweat pants and no make-up.

On the flip side, it does feel good to be busy too. And if that's not a complete lie to make myself feel better about life, than this week felt really good.

Monday was Labor Day and thank goodness for my sister with extra tickets, we were able to attend the Ogden Utah Temple Open House.  We did have to wait in line for 45 minutes and we lost our group because of a spontaneous potty break. But other than that, it was wonderful to see this gorgeous building and to be inside the walls dedicated to our Savior and to the service of others. And speaking from a strictly materialistic point of view--flawless. Oh how I'd love to listen in on the meeting that plans the interior design for these temples. What a fun job!

And since we were in the area, we met my parents for lunch and visited Phil's Grandpa Phil (hehe). It's rare I can descibe outings as pleasant. Even if they're fun, they usually carry and element of chaos, but I can say that this day was quite pleasant, indeed.

A couple of days later, Penelope finally started her second year of preschool. So now instead of two days a week, she'll be going three. We're (me) are all about gradual changes around here. That cute little thing was so excited so see Mrs. Barb and her friends.

Soccer season also started this week and so Penny and Ryder had they're first practice and Saturday was their first game. This was Pen's first time playing so it was pretty fun seeing her decked out in her shin guards and uniform.

And I may have decorated my front door with fall decorations even thought its still 85 degrees outside. It may clash with the summer flower pots for a couple of more weeks, but ehh, well.

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