Eye Candy

As earlier mentioned, I'm a new resident to the Seattle area and my husband fortunately came upon some free Seahawks tickets. I, never having been to a professional football game, was pretty excited about this. I'm not a big sports guru or anthing, but free NFL tickets? Sure, you bet. Well, being a girl who loves dance and all things girly, I was looking forward to seeing the so called "Sea Gals" (apparently, a sad attempt to make a spin-off of Seagulls). Any way the whole game I gradually became more and more disgusted by this effort to provide the men in the crowd something to google at. They are not cheerleaders, they are exotic dancers replacing poles with pom poms. Perhaps that is a little harsh, but I think to myself, what is their point, their goal if you will. It certainly isn't to guide the crowd into supportful cheers. Wait, they do entertain. That they do. They entertain with sensual moves instead of cool, tricky stunts. There is no denying they are beautiful girls, but all the more a reason for them to go make something of themselves. So, to all of those "professional" cheerleaders out there: be beautiful to the world instead of the drunk men in the stands. Be positive representatives of women everywhere and what beauty should be instead of telling women that being a size 2, fake-baked and dyed is important. I kept telling my husband these things throughout the game. I'm sure he enjoyed it.

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