New on the Job Bloopers

So I was fortunate enough, amid my job search, to snatch a temporary position as receptionist at Corporate Taco Del Mar. The people are nice and the comida perk...really good. Mexican food pretty much all the time. However, during those first few days on the job, any employee is especially prone to making mistakes considering they are not fluent with the company yet. Well, here are a few of my own "New on the Job Bloopers"... 1. So the CEO of Corporate Taco Del Mar is a laid back man and looks about the approximate age of, what I would say, an average CEO. With gray hair and a few wrinkles I would clock our Taco King at a ripe old 50 year's of age, late forties at the earliest. One thing I like about our CEO is that one of my first days here he came in beaming, while carrying a picture of a darling little baby showing it to anybody who was willing to see (which, of course, was the whole office). There is also a wall in the office called "Taco Tots" where a picture of this same baby is located. Well, today he was asking me who was the cutest baby on the "Taco Tots" wall, and immediate panick I said, the biggest picture right there. To my relief, he replied with a smile, "It is the biggest one, isn't it." Trying to make adoring conversation I asked, "Is that your granddaughter?" Just to interupt him telling me is was his daughter. Yup. He said, "Did you say my granddaughter?" With every ounce of charm I could muster, I said, "Nooohoooo," like he was ridiculous for asking me such a question. He gave a tired smile while shaking his head and walked away. 2. This incident gave me a fit of giggles. So another one of my stressful duties here at Taco Del Mar is to answer the phones. Someone calls, I say my bit (Hello! Taco Del Mar, this is Jasmine, how can I help you?) They tell me who they want, I call that person to see if they are available and proceed with the transfer or voicemail. Well--A man calls and he wants to talk to Erin, I ask who is calling and he says, Marien. So when I call Erin to see if she is available, I say, "Hey Erien, are you available to talk to Marien?" I then made an attempt to explain myself through my giggles to confused Erien, while poor Marien was waiting on the other line. (What is it about my brain that latches so quickly on to similar tones in the English language? ie Jasmine Sasmine)

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  1. That is sooo funny! Hey Erien...I would have laughed so hard I would've had to hang up the phone and try again. Funny. The boss thing is funny too. It reminds of the time I thought one of my co-workers mother-in-law was his wife. It was confusing. Anyway. Funny. You should watch "the office" on NBC. I am thinking of my book list.