Ode to my Sister

Ode to my sister, My gal pal and friend so true She alone, besides myself, Is the other to check my blogspot too! Loyalty is not her only attribute, Because she always offers water And when you're sad, She'll console you about your lack of Harry Potter She is beautiful inside and out While treating everyone so wonderful and lacey, And finally, my amazing sister, finds the time to be a great mom to Gracie! by Jasmine Shorten

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  1. Oh my goodness! Not only are you a fabulous sister, you are a fabulous poem writer and found another word to ryhme with Graice other than racey. You are darling darling and more darling. Thanks for the ode to my sister. What a delight and what a surprise. I laughed out loud, then giggled, then smiled. I love Jazzy's Jive!