I need some help. Some of my happiest memories of elementary school reside in the multipurpose room of North Park Elementary where every holiday season we'd gather to sing songs. And not just Christmas mind you. We sang Thanksgiving songs and, yes, even Halloween songs. And for the life of me I can' remember them!!! I want more than anything to have fun Halloween songs to sing to Peanut and my memory is failing me? I do remember one:
Have you seen the Ghost of John, Long white bones and the rest all goooone. Oooo. oooo-oooo-ooo-oooo, Wouldn't it be chilly with no skiiiin ooon. {sing in a round--very catchy}
And I do recall something about three little witches and something regarding turkeys for Thanksgiving. Even if you don't remember do you have any good sources for some classic children Halloween/Thanksgiving songs? (I've got Christmas covered). I would really appreciate it :)


  1. There is one calles "boo to you", "Monster mash", "I put a spell on you" thats all I can think of now if I can think of any more I will let you know.

  2. I remember...5 little witches that fly over ditches without any hitches...or something like that? I should know some of these! That's what I get for teaching the "old" kids:) Sorry! Also, love the new "hoots".:) Darling!

  3. 1 lilttle 2 little 3 little ghosts. 4 little 5 little 6 little ghosts. 7 little 8 little 9 little ghosts. 10 little ghosts go.... BOO!

  4. There is a haunted house in town, in the town. Where all the walls are tumbling down, tumbling down... where the cobwebs hang and the window shutters bang. And all the creatures gather round, gather round. Where the cats and bats and witches keep the skeletons in stitches as they sip their spider cider in the haunted house. They're There, They're there They're really there, really there. Watch out, becareful and beware. Oh beware don't you trick or treat or your the one they'll eat. When the moon shines on the haunted house. Haunted house!
    I hope you know the tune, because I can't write that down!!