So as we're sitting here watching BYU cream Utah State. No worries my USU friends, there's still a quarter left. Anyhow, during the commercials they played this little promo clip or donations pitch, if you will, for BYU and...well, let's just say through my tears, I almost gave Bronco everything in our savings account. Almost. Very inspirational. If you bleed blue like myself, take a look see: Check out BYU Football Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall in this new film, 'With Honor.' It can be viewed at http://bronco.byu.edu


  1. Funny, the post title made me think you were a democrat! I am liking this new blog.

  2. So, I wish we could be in Utah at the same time!! You will have to tell me when you are going again and maybe we could meet up or something!! By the way, you are very beautiful! Love ya!