So while I hear people lamenting over Summer's end, I usually just keep my mouth shut when truly I want to yell, "See ya, Summer! Welcome, Autumn!" I love Fall with a passion. I love it's the season that ushers in school and the holidays, I love wearing cute sweaters and turtlenecks, I love hot coaco and cozying up in blankets, I love the colors, I LOVE IT ALL! However that's not to say we didn't go out of Summer with a bang! Here is end of summer/September recap: (I'm trying to get better and do a group of digi scrapbook pages for each month...we'll see :)
{click on pages to enlarge}


  1. Hello Fall! Goodbye Summer. I like fall too, especially when it means the hot and humid summer of Texas is over. I like your scrap booking pages. Enjoy your hot chocolate!

  2. What No good bye YOUTH CONFERENCE?