I've been a little less inclined to blog these last few days because of my WEEKEND O' FUN! Yup, my parents came to see us and so, of course, we had to make the best of it and do lots of fun things and have a really good time {sigh}. I will post more details about it later, when I have the photos ready, but until then, I must say how much I love my parents. It always does me a world of good to see their beautiful faces. Another great thing that happened this weekend was my wonderful friend, Laura, brought me this totally cute door mat! Why? Because she's cute and nice and knew I liked owls. It's more for Halloween, but I'm pretty certain I'm leaving it up through Thanksgiving. And maybe then some. Finally, some other thoughts:
  • I love that gas prices are going down. Wahhooo!
  • Running. It's hard. I was getting back on the horse. Got a little sick last week, and I'm having a hard time getting the little engine up the hill this week. I just feel so tired lately? What's my prob? Probably that I'm not doing anything. Hehe. Any good cold weather workout motivations out there?
  • What is your favorite Christmas song (of a more spiritual nature)? I want to learn to play a really cool one this season on my guitar.
  • I still have a Utah driver's license. I don't know how I've lasted this long, but when I heard a story about Brittney Spears getting fined/arrested/ordered to court...whatever it was... because she didn't have a California license and just a Louisiana one, I thought, "Oh no! I could be Brittney." It's currently at the top of my to do list.
  • And finally, a few beautiful fall views of sweet Seattle...


  1. What a GREAT weekend to have your folks visit Jasmine! I LOVE this time of year in Seattle. It looks like it has snowed piles of red, orange and yellow leaves in the parking lot where I work. Hope we can see you guys soon! xo

  2. I think it is hilarious that you still have a Utah License!! We got ours changed, mostly so Rex could show he has been a resident so he could go hunting!
    I have a few Christmas songs of a spiritual nature at home. REMIND me and I can look and see if they will work for your guitar and send some to you. DO you have "Mary did you know" for the guitar?
    Well, I am glad your parents were able to come up and see you guys. It is always nice to see family! Well, talk to you later! loves!

  3. Seattle looks beautiful. Fall isn't quite as colorful here in Cali.

  4. hey you never let us know what your dad said about the apple store.

  5. I love the door mat! Im glad you had a good time with your parents!

  6. I'm use to East Coast leaves so I'm always surprised to see fall colors here in the Evergreen state.
    Fave Christmas "For Unto Us A Child Is Born". I cry everytime.