There's nothing better than...
A GNO (Girls' Night Out)! 
Especially, when it's with two of my favorite girls :)
And especially, when you get a "special" invitation.

Because that's how I felt when my sister called to to tell me that her and my niece were have a night out and they wanted me to come :) :) :)

It began here

Where we ate this

I big time heart this mother/daughter duo (about to be trio)

But I'd be lying if I wasn't completely smitten, flattered, tongue-in-cheek during the few (many) times people have mistaken Gracie as mine :) :) :)

Later, we went here so Gracie could pick out her reward. (The reason for the GNO was because Gracie had worked really hard on her reading chart and math skills).

So this camera thing sure isn't getting old. At first, Autumn was a bit bashful (embarassed) that I kept lugging my camera everywhere we went and snapping photos. 

But she eventually warmed up.

Isn't she great. And gorgeous. The camera has always loved her.

(Rory Jane, here is your mother rockin' (with you) the Toys R Us runway at 8-months! )


  1. Jazzy, Jazzy, Jazzy...

    You're funny.

    That was sure a fun night and I would love a print out of that photo of me and Gracie, the black and white one, if you ever print photos.

    You're getting to be a fantastic photog!

  2. Great photography, and great modeling! Tyra would say it's FIERCE.