There's nothing better than...
A cute girl having a bad hair day!
(because they still look cute, with a little silly thrown in)

If you're wondering how this crazy "do" came about, lately I have been doing Penny's hair with a blow dryer and a small round brush. There was a little learning curve there, but now we've got it so it gives her just the right combo of bend and volume. Sorry, people, I can't help myself. Well, this day we were experimenting with "the flip" and I'm doing my thing while she's playing with everything in arms reach on the bathroom counter. Distracted with her busy arms and the job at hand I didn't see the full picture until I stopped and looked at her in the mirror. I gave a hearty laugh, so she started laughing and then I went and got the camera. The end.


  1. hahahhahaha...That is AWESOME! A great mommy-daughter moment to have journaled!

    She is adorable flip or no flip!

  2. I am so glad you got a girl Jasmine. It is a good fit. A very good fit - you and your Penny.

  3. Haha, I could eat her up she is so cute!

  4. Hysterical! haha! She is so cute and looks just like you...minus the crazy hair-do ;)

  5. That hair-do is amazing. That is some serious 'dandelion hair' going on there. You're little ones are so very cute.