Now that those crazy holidays are over, I thought it would be a good time to document where my cute babes are at these days.

Ryder (or also lovingly known as #1): I love having conversations with him. I have never been so entertained than I am at his attempted efforts to conquer the English language and then use that knowledge to communicate with others. He loves to help and I love having an eager volunteer when I need something thrown away in the garbage can. As previously mentioned he just started primary and he also participates in a little preschool co-op. His interests include: peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, dragons/dinosaurs (particularly his dino jammies), rocking out to the guitar, running, and PUZZLES (I'd say this is the first thing I've seen him passionate about). I love you Ryder.

Ryder being silly modeling for me after I've asked him to look at the camera a bajillion times

 Doing puzzles on Christmas morning

 One day over Christmas break Ryder did every puzzle he owned in one sitting. So I took the opportunity to take some photos...:)

 I love him and love the idea, but I wish a) I'd known a little bit more about my camera when I took them b) All the stuff in the background drives me nutso! SO. I'm thinking we may have try this photo op one more time with a more aesthetically pleasing back-drop.

Penelope Rae (or, you guessed it, #2): Penelope has hit a couple of major milestones of late. As you know she is now the big numero uno. She also mastered walking, albeit a bit wobbly (think drunkin' sailor).  Thanks to a big brother she has even learned to run or sit down really fast when a large (brown-eyed) object approaches her at high speed. She also got her first hair cut (you know, a little mullet trim). When I think of how to describe her combination of charm and sass I come up with the word: SCAMPETTE (def. cute little girl scamp). Her interests include: moving, accessories, snuggle-housing (her own version of rough-housing), climbing stairs, daddy, eating whatever happens to be on the floor, Elmo and CHEESE (this is probably the first thing I've ever seen Penny be passionate about :). I love you Penny Rae.

 Miss Walk-a-doo, herself

 A few interactions with Bruce the Moose.
Cute girl and a really good (as in bad) example of what I believe they call noise in the photography world.

 The haircut!!! (along with a possibly blow-dryed-with-velco-rollers styled-do. )

And how this happened, I'll never know. She wandered into the bathroom. I told Ryder to go in and get her. He took these instructions very literally and he came out dragging her with a sock in her pants.

***At this point I have no excuses for the massive amounts of photos I'm about to post of Penny, other than we spend a good portion of our time waiting for Ryder to wake up from his nap taking photos. And I thought my mom might enjoy seeing them. They do however epitomize Penny***

 She moves a lot and therefore has to take a few 2-second breaks every once in awhile.

 Snuggle-housing Elmo.

 Love her. One of my favorite photos.

 On the move

A girl and her gold flats. Need I say more.  (Thank you aunt Lancy and Bethany!)


 Static hair and chapped cheeks = Winter. Could someone PLEASE get this girl some lotion on those cheeks. I mean, seriously, who is her mother!?


One word:  Scampette. 

Wow, way to hang in there. Don't say I didn't warn you. As for the photography aspect. The lighting in these isn't great. And I'm still just using Picasa for minor editing. I figure, get the camera down, then add on editing. Also, I'm still working on getting moving objects, can you tell? Which is another reason Penny makes for great photography practice :)


  1. Such a great post! I love all the pictures. What kind of camera did you end up getting for Christmas?

  2. So cute. I thought I was looking at you, in the picture of Penny under the baskets.

  3. Thanks Jazzy! I love them and you.

  4. I can't believe how good Ryder is at doing puzzles.

  5. love love love all those pics! Its great to see them both grow up!

  6. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Jazzy, what two beautiful and fun children you have! I'm so proud of you, honey.

  7. Penny look so much like you especially the one by the dresser and she is smiling :)I freakin love your girly bean bags. You are quite the seamstress:) Love your cute kiddos :)