So here is the other little project I was working on in December for Penelope's birthday. I had some scraps leftover from her bedroom and around that same time I saw a talented friend of mine make these for her little Penelope :)

And just like any other smart person would do, I copied her :)

Here is the link to the ones she did.

And here is the link to the tutorial I used to get the measurements and instructions for the actual bean bag part (although, I think mine are about an inch bigger).

I had so much fun making these. Perhaps a little more fun making them than Penny has had playing with them, but really, what do ya do?

Also--I am sorry for any picture-heavy posts. You all get to follow me in my experimentation with my new camera and sometimes I have a tendency to get carried away. Like now...
(Oh and any comments or tips are so welcome.)

Okay, so he's kinda cute.


  1. I love them! They are so girly and the fabric is great! And I say, the more pictures the better ;)

  2. Anonymous1:21 PM

    What camera did you end up getting?!?! Your pics look great!

  3. I'm not a craftsy person so of course I notice the photography instead:). Your pics look beautiful, nice work! I dig the light box affect with the white background. Very professional looking. You should be proud.

  4. I was curious about your camera too. We got a new camera for Christmas and I am about experimenting. I have taken hundreds of our daily routine and then deleted them, because you only need so many, but figuring out the settings and all takes time. So...I think your next post should be all about this post adn how it came to be :)

    I love the bean bags. ADORABLE!

  5. Your bean bags turned out awesome! As did all your photos. I like photo-heavy posts when the pics look nice like yours.

    Pen played with them a lot at first, but now she'll only play with one that has minky stuff on one side. Funny kids.

  6. LOVE THEM! Love the colors, love the fabric, love the design!