Babyfood, Beachbums & Birthdays

Consider this your 3 in 1 blog special! It's almost better than a really good sale. Almost. First off...

This week will mark the Hazel's 6 month birthday. And to prove it, here is our little angel taking her first whack at the world of solids.

Here's what she really thought of the whole business...

 Penny and Ryder (or shall I say Pennay and Ryda) particularly loved the idea of feeding her "real" food. Unfortunately, in there minds they were envisioning peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches--not mush, so they lost interest rather quickly.

  Ryder, however, does prove to be a big help in getting her to open that steel trap of hers. 

 Nooo mooorrre....

In the two weeks we've been at it, sweet potatoes has proven to be her favorite. Even more so than those tasty fruit combos I try to feed here because, well, that's what I would want. She is also being such a good sleeper for her mommy. Such a trait allows her to do no wrong in my eyes. Her interests can be summed with one word: rolling. This new talent has introduced her to the comfort and joy of sleeping on her tummy. I'm pretty sure she does it just to scare me, but since she can do no wrong in my eyes, I find myself in quite the pickle. 

So for pretty much every Saturday we've been here, we wake up, have a brief discussion about what we should do that day. This includes items like cleaning the house, running errands, figuring out how to drive on the wrong side of the road. After the discussion is over, we lounge around the house for a couple of hours and walk to the beach. 

It's the hard knock life for us.

Last, but not least, I had a birthday. Shout hooray! Twenty-nine big ones people. I'm officially in the last year of my twenties. I plan to enjoy it far, so good. I felt quite "spoilt" on my birthday. Claire and her crew accomopanied us to the zoo where they treated us all birthday doughnuts. It was also the first time we saw their seal show, which was quite fun. There is something about seeing seals do tricks that ignites an inner childhood spark of joy. After Phil got home from work he took me out to dinner and later that evening we did cake and presents with the kiddos. Not to mention all the lovely emails and FB was a great day. I realized this is the first and only birthday I'll ever get to have during summer time. I have to admit it was kinda nice.

*Cadbury Chocolate has a rather large presence down here :) 


  1. Looks amazing! How long will you be in Sydney?

  2. What a glorious have the life. Happy birthday!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Enjoy reading your fun times.

  4. ahhh such fun. i need to email you and get all of the scoop. Happy late birthday friend.