Rewind: Temple Square

The weekend after we arrived in Utah for a little Christmas visit we went to my sisters to eat a delicious lunch and enjoy her new beautiful home. Afterwhich, we braved the crowds and went to Temple Square. Despite the continuous effort to corral a bunch of small children, and whatever brief spurts of stress this may have caused ("Ryder! Has anyone seen Ryder?! Phil! Can you see Ryder? Oh. There he is." Now substitute Ryder's name for any grandchild on two legs and repeat that about 10 times. Throw in about three potty breaks, Penny laying down on the concrete in protest and changing a baby in the car and you get the general idea) we all ended up enjoying ourselves quite a bit.  My dad really, really wants to do this again. As soon as possible. 

I believe this last photo really captures the feelings of chaos and happiness we all experienced :)


  1. You look so pretty in all these pictures! I love the picture with the lights and the temple behind.

  2. 2 posts in one week! Life is crazy when kids are little. I slow down during the day, but my evenings are still crazy busy.