Crinkle Nose and Cockatoos

I think it's important to note that this face...

...can turn into this face:

You've officially been crinkle-nosed!
We've all devoted a lot of time into trying to get crinkle-nosed around here. 

Another thing I'd like to note around here are the birds. There are beautiful tropical birds just always flying around right outside our widow. I was telling my mom about them the other day, so when I saw a few, I thought I'd take some pictures to show her. I grabbed my camera and went out on our back porch.

There were three yellow-crested cockatoos sitting across the street in a tree. I took a few pictures of them there, thinking I would just zoom in on them later. (Note: this IS the zoomed-in version).

I got so excited when one hopped (well, flew) over to a closer building. I kept snapping away.

I got excited again when that cockatoo took flight, hoping it would come even closer...

...wha...wo..woah... HELLO!  Look, he's waving 'hi'.

Well, hello there cockatoo.

He ended up hanging out there for a whole 5 minutes. I even called Ryder and Penny out to come take a look and he still didn't fly away. Honestly, I just think he really enjoyed the attention. Notice how he was quite fond of his own reflection....

This whole experience was actually very exciting for me. For one thing, when does anything exciting like this happen WITH a camera in my hand? For me, never. I figured it was my own silly fault if I didn't get a decent photo. Luckily, I had a lot to choose from.


  1. The crinkle nose is about the cutest thing in the entire world.

    And you are being funny about the birds! It did come to say hello!

  2. While reading this post I had totally forgotten you were in Australia, and I'm thinking, "Why in the world are cockatoos flying around Jersey!?!" Then I remembered. So cool.

  3. With birds like that I might take up bird watching! haha
    Love the crinkle face.