Rewind: Hurricane Sandy

As the main purpose of this blog is to record my life's happenings that will hopefully be of some value to my children one day, I didn't want to forget to blog about October 2012's epic Hurricane Sandy that took Southern Manhattan and New Jersey by storm. Now that it's all said and done and now we're over here in sunny Sydney, it's hard to remember just three months ago and how scary that storm was. But here are the main points I would like to remember:

  • This was by far the most serious of natural disasters myself or my family had experienced up to this point in my life. First off, we were not affected even a fraction of what some people experienced. People lost their homes. Subway lines are still affected. Even compared to our neighbors, we were quite fortunate.
  • We lost power for 5 days, even though people in our ward didn't have any for almost two weeks. And if someone had told me beforehand that's what would've happened, I would have said no problem, but the scary thing about that time is the not knowing. We didn't know how long we'd be without power. We didn't know how long we could endure super cold nights with a 2 month old baby. 

  • There was something about these circumstances that put your life on hold. Phil couldn't work. Much of the worry and the cold temperatures prevented any sort of productivity. All energies were focused on how we would get through that day, survival-wise and entertaining the kids. Progression was essentially stunted and you could feel it.  
  • I think even scarier than no power was approximately two days after the hurricane came the gas shortages. Lines and lines miles out just to get gas. Right after we work up, Phil would bundle up and go out on his bike and ride around to see if any of the nearby gas stations, first off, had any gas and secondly, if there was a line short enough you wouldn't waste all your gas waiting in it. 
  • There was a lot of good and Christlike actions going on at this time. One of the first days (before we were concerned about gas) we were invited to our friends, the McQuivey's where we were able to power our devices, and use their Internet. Our kids got to play with their kids and they provided us a nice warm meal. While we were there about 4 other families came and went as well. I was so grateful to them for that day. Come to think of it, this was actually on Halloween.

  • The Latter-day Saints Helping Hands program were able to provide hundreds volunteers who provided hours and hours of service. Phil participated with this group every Sunday except for last two Sundays we were in Jersey. 

  • Finally, the last thing that I don't want to forget is our little Halloween celebration. After we got back from the McQuivey's Phil felt bad the kids weren't able to go trick or treat and got a bee in his bonnet to make it happen no matter what. I was more in an apathetic, feel-sorry-for-myself mood, but he left me no choice but to participate. We each came up with about 3-4 very simple costumes and had Ryder and Penny trick or treat at each door in our house. And behind each door supposedly was a different "person" to hand out candy. While they were knocking on a door with Phil behind it, I'd be running to the next door changing into my next "costume" and then vise versa. Another very special thing to me that day, that took my frown and turned it upsidedown. 


  1. The halloween stories are so great. Glad you guys were safe and you survived!

  2. I can't even imagine the things you have been through. Sandy, then the flight to Sydney. What stories to remind your children as they grow up!

  3. LOL funny Halloween, glad you were safe during the storm

  4. Love the trick or treating. That is the cutest story ever! I'm so glad you made it out alive. That sounds so scary.

  5. I think that surprised me a lot when the power went out, how unproductive we all were. I always imagined I'd get so much done without electronic distractions and I didn't want to do anything but look out the window and try to stay warm.
    I love that you guys did trick-or-treating anyway. Short Hills Ward misses you!